Demo of Second, the service marketplace software

Demo of Second, the service marketplace software

The importance of marketplaces in e-commerce is nothing new. If we can be tempted to divide the ecosystem using the market typologies (btob, btoc and ctoc), the rules of user experience differ rather between the sale of goods and the sale of services. Our Second solution is entirely dedicated to the creation of service marketplaces and includes specific features that we will present to you during this demo.


The demo platform we are going to use is a platform for connecting doctors and patients and is called doctornearme. The unit for booking is the session: you will not book an hour or a night but a session with the doctor.

A different shopping experience from e-commerce products

If the shopping experience revolves around the shopping cart on a product marketplace, for a service marketplace it will be around other criteria, mainly geolocation (1) and timing. (2)

Keyword research and categorization, on the other hand, are in no way specific to the sale of services.

A powerful search algorithm

Our Cocosearch algorithm not only offers you the best result based on location but also takes into account 13 factors to deliver the result, such as: seller behavior, ratings, location…

This example illustrates the algorithm. Although Dr. Patrin is located closer to the search point, he is still of less value to the algorithm, so he will be placed second on the search list.

A rich ad for a successful eCommerce platform

The richness of a listing is essential to inspire trust and maximize conversion. Second uses tabbed navigation:

  1. The description, i.e. the presentation of the provider
    2. The services offered
    3. The media, which can be images, pdf or videos
    4. The policies, such as no refund in case of cancellation
    5. The location of the service
    6. The availability calendar
    7. Reviews received by the provider

Dashboards adapted to user typologies

The dashboard of the marketplace operator

On his dashboard, the operator can follow at a glance the important KPIS of his platform. He can also access all users, modify content or access reservations.


The vendor dashboard

On the seller’s dashboard, you can find the seller’s bookings, payments, ratings and listings.


Second includes more than 1700 features specialized in the sale of online services that allow the platforms we create to be efficient. If you are interested in the Second solution and are looking for an integrator for marketplace, Cocolabs is the right provider for you!

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