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Build the next Airbnb Experiences

Second is an expert marketplace solution designed to launch ambitious entrepreneurial projects fast without sacrificing technical capabilities. It uses the same marketplace software deployed for highly customized marketplaces, and it will allow you to create your own service marketplace, development free, with the personalized support of a marketplace expert. With more than 1.700 dedicated features and +100 marketplaces built, Second will help you maximize your efforts to have a fully operational platform in under 48 hours without neglecting your business objectives as marketplace owner.


We are ending the “do-it-yourself” approach, which can lead to inefficient time and resources management, therefore hindering new businesses like yours. During your free trial, you will participate in individual workshops to discover all Second features and capabilities, as well as on-demand meetings to personalize your marketplace and integrate your business model, cancellation policies, fees, design and business parameters. These on-demand meetings will continue even after you go live, as we will continue working together on your user acquisition, user onboarding, SEO strategy and more.


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Advanced features for your service marketplace

Session-based model

Airbnb Experiences, Uber and Fiverr do not operate in the same way and our Second marketplace software has the flexibility to support multiple business models to adapt to your own service marketplace. Build the next Airbnb Experiences with a session-based model in which sellers can fully manage their listings to set the price per participant, duration, available dates and start/end time of their services or activities. Once these sessions are created, clients can browse the different available activities and book one or more seats in each, depending on the available slots defined by the seller.



International business

Whether you decide to start in one country or target several ones, Second will seamlessly manage all your users, activities, payments and transactions. With its integrated time zone management, you can provide services all over the world. Thanks to trusted payment service providers, you will also be able to accept and release payments across multiple countries, and adapt KYC requirements to validate user identities. Furthermore, you can integrate multiple currencies and languages, and your marketplace will automatically translate all user-generated content.




If you would like to decide which users can be live in your marketplace or which services can be offered, Second allows you to activate user and/or listing pre-moderation. Once a user or a listing is created, it will have to be validated by you before being published, and you can do this validation in just a few clicks through your admin back office.

Personalized marketplace

Client and admin reviews

Once an activity has been completed, users will be able to provide a score and a comment about it, which you will be able to manage through your admin back office. These reviews are a key element of your search engine and booking flow, as they will allow clients to compare experiences and activities, while also rewarding the best sellers. As marketplace owner, you can also leave your own review and provide badges to give them an additional boost.



Claim management

Cancellations and claims will sometimes happen and although you cannot avoid them, you can make sure that they are properly managed to not affect user experience. On the one had, as marketplace owner you will define your own cancellation policies which sellers will be able to choose from, and your marketplace will automatically refund users based on the policies which you have set. On the other hand, since cancellations cannot be triggered after the date of the service has passed, your marketplace also includes an integrated dispute management tool. Once a claim has been raised by a user, you will be notified so you can verify it directly through your admin back office and define the refund that will be sent to each user.

Admin and user access levels

If needed, you can create multiple user accounts with different access levels to your admin back office. Your platform’s users will be able to do the same, which can be especially useful if you onboard organizations. They will therefore be able to create their account as well as other daughter accounts for their employees and each one of these accounts can have partial or full access (e.g. some of them will only be able to manage listings, while others will only have read permission).