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Launch a Circular economy marketplace

Build a community around your brand through a circular economy marketplace

Foster engagement and collaboration between customers by launching a circular economy marketplace. Strengthen your brand positioning by creating a community of trust and transparency by sharing progress and achievements. Promote sustainable consumption and production while creating new business opportunities.

  • promote sustainable consumption and production patterns
  • enable the peer-to-peer sale and purchase of services
  • offer reuse, repair or refurbishing services around your product offerings
  • enable user-to-user assistance, training or any other type of community services
  • manage user communities at scale through automated identity verification
  • offer vendor and buyer reputation management through two-sided reviews
  • ensure safe payments through 3rd party payment escrowing and payments
  • encourage dialogue through inbuilt messaging and file exchange functionality
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The full feature-set to launch a circular economy marketplace

Certified partner

Align ecology with business performance

  • Extend the lifespan of your assets by sharing them on a circular economy marketplace

  • Reduce capital expenditure by relying on third party assets rather than acquiring them

  • Shift operations to a marketplace to reduce your general footprint and operating costs

  • Help partners and customers reduce their footprint by offering a sharing network

  • Perfectly align business interests with social and ecological impact

trust and satisfaction on a marketplace

Build transactions that people can trust

  • Reassure customers through vendor reviews and reputation

  • Offer automated identity checks directly on your marketplace

  • Escrow funds paid & received until successful completion of the job

  • Implement cancellation and refund workflows

  • Act as a trusted third party in transactions on your circular economy marketplace

C2C marketplace

Streamline operations through a unified transactions & community management interface

  • Invite team members and set roles & permissions in just a few clicks

  • Supervise vendor and buyer performance and behavior through your dashboard

  • Review everything, including user to user messages and payment statuses

  • Spot great vendors and identify those that aren’t performing well

  • Follow customer satisfaction in real time and engage whenever necessary

multilingual and multicultural marketplace

Strengthen your corporate social responsibility (CSR)

  • Implement a business model that reduces your carbon footprint

  • Adopt virtuous economic models while improving your bottom line

  • Measurably demonstrate the impact of your sharing/circular economy initiatives

  • Be impactful both with customers and partners through a circular economy marketplace

  • Scale your CSR efforts through a crowdsourced strategy

vendor buyer communications

Build a strong and long lasting community

  • Strengthen your brand with CSR initiatives

  • Link customers and partners together around a virtuous initiative

  • Build significant relationships with your ecosystem of partners

  • Beyond delivering value, share values with your customers

  • Unite a like-minded community of customers and partners around a meaningful initiative

B2C marketplace operations

Build new revenue streams

  • Capture a commission on each transaction

  • Activate lead generation revenues for vendors

  • Optionally charge membership fees to vendors, customers, or both

  • Allow vendors to sell subscriptions, allowing you to capture commissions recurringly

  • Manage platform fees on a user by user basis

Build a community around a circular economy marketplace

Sharing & circular economy marketplaces are building peer to peer communities and networks.

The circular economy and the sharing economy have always made great use of the marketplace model. By connecting peers to create liquidity in assets and services, circular economy marketplace technologies have been the great accelerator of this virtuous model.

B2C marketplace solution

Circular economy marketplaces in B2B ecosystems

Interestingly enough, the sharing economy has traditionally been deeply anchored to CtoC platforms, while BtoB has been completely impermeable to the benefits that it could reap. However, and as a direct consequence of the pandemic and the limited exchanges between individuals, the sharing & circular economy are now shining their light onto the BtoB world.

Companies are seizing on this opportunity either to build a community of customers around a sharing economy marketplace, or are transforming their current BtoB approach into more virtuous circular economy models to reduce capital expenditure, lower operating costs, generate new revenue streams, maximize the value of intangible assets and to boost resilience in uncertain times.

Beyond the new revenue streams generated by a sharing or circular economy marketplace, the benefits to society and ecology also reward companies adopting this model.

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