Discover the advanced features offered by Second

Create a marketplace to find a pet sitter

Launching a successful marketplace requires a strong marketplace software and also close strategic support. With this in mind, we have created Second, a marketplace solution which combines these two points to ensure you receive the best marketplace software in the industry with a full service experience.

If you are ready to create your marketplace to find a pet sitter, contact us and build your own personalized marketplace with a dedicated Second strategist to master our +1700 features. Design your marketplace, create your content, define your monetization strategy and booking conditions, establish SEO tags and more to grow your marketplace the way you envision.

Your marketplace design… and more

White label design

Create your marketplace to find a pet sitter and customize its design, look and feel using your colors, logo, slogan, content and images. Go further to integrate your domain name and personalize your email address and the email notifications which are sent by your multi vendor marketplace.


Admin portal

Your admin back office has been designed to be user-friendly, while also having the technical capabilities that will allow you to monitor the entire activity of your marketplace to find a pet sitter. Track KPIs and manage bookings, payments, users, listings, internal pages, refunds and more in one single portal.



Social networks and analytics

Capture new users for your marketplace to find a pet sitter with an optimized SEO, deciding your tags, slugs, meta titles and descriptions. Additionally, track traffic with Google Analytics and increase exposure linking your marketplace to social media.


Frictionless marketplace user experience

Search engine

Create your marketplace to find a pet sitter with a strong search engine and search algorithm that will maximize transactions and increase your revenue. Your clients will be able to find the best pet sitters easily refining their search by parameters such as geolocation, (sub)category, your own custom filters, keywords, price and client reviews.


Reviews and user chat

Create your marketplace to find a pet sitter with an integrated chat so users can message each other before and after booking. Furthermore, benefit from a review system which users can rely on to compare the pet sitters offered in your marketplace.



Advanced calendar management

Maximize the number of completed bookings and make it easy for pet sitters have a good ranking in the search results of your marketplace thanks to the advanced calendar management features which our Second marketplace software has to offer. For example, pet sitters can set availabilities that repeat over months, days or hours or even synchronize their marketplace calendar with an external one.