The Second Features

Built from the ground up to enable the sale of services through a marketplace.






  • Users

    Marketplaces connect 3 types of users: Askers, Offerors and Administrators. Second handles all 3 natively.

  • Bookings

    What do you call it when you purchase a service? A booking. Second is ram packed with features to manage bookings.

  • Search

    Searching for services is very different than searching for products, especially when in the context of a Marketplace. Second doesn’t just apply the traditional e-commerce approach, it reinvents it.

  • Other Features

    There’s just not enough time to write it all. Here you’ll find a few more goodies packed in Second:

  • Listings

    Listings are the page where services are presented and are booked. We’ve fine tuned their features and presentation to make it as simple as possible for offerors and askers to do business together.

  • Dashboards

    Second offers 2 dashboards: the offeror/asker dashboard and the administrator dashboard.

  • Workflows

    An easy to understand view of the principal workflows packed in Second.


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