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Second is feature packed to meet the requirements of calendar, availabilities and time management.


Availabilities Management

Second provides users with a powerful availabilities management tool. Users can create un/availabilities at specific moments and can create recurring un/availabilities, for example to indicate that they are not available on Tuesdays and Fridays in August.

 Min/max durations

Managing minimum and maximum durations of services is essential for a service provider. Second enables offerors to set the minimum and maximum duration that can be selected by an asker when a booking is made.

Bookings synchronize to calendars

Obviously the calendar is updated when a booking is confirmed, and not before. If a booking is canceled, the corresponding time slot is made available again.


Time unit management

Lawyers charge per hour, consultants per day and hotels are booked per night. These time units are often the granularity at which calendars must be managed. Second manages multiple time units, down to the minute.

Time zones

Time zones are essential for services that are rendered at a distance. If a coach in Tokyo is setting a Skype appointment with a customer in Amsterdam, they both need to have a presentation of the date and time of the appointment in their own time zone. Second handles time zones like a boss, detecting the user’s time zone for reference in booking times, messages time stamps and more.

Price variability

Price variability is the capacity to set different rates at different dates. This is often known as “seasonal prices”, but in truth also allows services to be sold at a different price depending on the time or on weekends for example.

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