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Second offers 2 dashboards: the offeror/asker dashboard and the administrator dashboard.

Asker/Offeror Dashboard

The asker & offeror dashboard aims to offer simple and intuitive interfaces adapted to novice users. The challenge is to enable first time sellers to manage their online bookings with ease, while providing with a full and rich feature set. The sale of services is also new for askers, who need to be able to make a purchase with confidence.

My Bookings

This is where users can view the bookings that they have made or have received. Bookings are contextualized depending on whether an offeror or an asker is viewing them. If a booking has been validated then the contact details of each party is shown.

My Threads

Threads allow askers and sellers to exchange messages through a messaging thread. Phone numbers and e-mail addresses are moderated, but otherwise this allows each party to get more information about the services that are offered.

My Payments

Enables users to follow payments made and payments received. It is also here that invoices are made available.

My Listings

Listings are displayed to offerors. This is where they can see the services they are offering and where they can modify them, including their prices and their availabilities.

My Profile

Enables users to set information about themselves such as spoken languages (and mother tongue), information relative to billing and profile pictures and presentation texts.

My Ratings

Displays ratings made and received depending on the platform’s configuration. Reminders let users know which ratings they yet have to make.

Administrator Dashboard

The Administrator dashboard is designed for power users. As most operations on the platform are automated, this dashboard is designed to give a broad overview of platform activity and then to allow the administrator to dive in to specifics and to fluidly navigate from users to bookings to listings and so on.


Stats include average booking duration, booking statuses, cancelations, expirations, etc…

Platform Users

Analyze and manage your user base, set individual platform fees.

Platform Listings & Bookings

Rank, manage and moderate user listings. Analyze and manage bookings.


Authorize and manage bank transfers.


Moderate and analyze user messages.

Platform Ratings

Moderate and analyze user ratings.

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