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Listings are the page where services are presented and are booked. We've fine tuned their features and presentation to make it as simple as possible for users to do business together.

Adding and Managing Listings

Second is designed to help novice merchants make their first sales online. Professional merchants equally appreciate the simplicity and straightforwardness of adding listings and making sales on your platform. Listings are added in one single step, and can then be further enriched through the offeror dashboard.

Trusted services

Trust is essential when selling services, and in particular on a marketplace. Unlike a product, service quality is variable depending on who renders it. Ratings and comments left by previous customers are clearly visible, including the date at which they were added.

Facilitated booking

No fuss. Bookings are made directly from listings, simply by setting the date/time of the service and the number of units that the asker wants to book.

Setting prices

Standard rate

The standard rate of a service is the default price that is offered if no other rules have been set, such as variable prices. This means that offerors just have one rate to set to be able to sell instantly, rate which they can then refine through additional tools.

Minimum amounts

This allows offerors to determine the minimum amount receivable that askers can make for a booking.

Discount management

This tool enables offerors to set discounts depending on the size of a booking. For example a lawyer can charge 100$/hour, but provide a 10% discount if more than 3 hours are ordered in a single booking.

Characteristics & Categories


Categories are used to organize listings. You can allow single category selection (a listing can only belong to one category) or multiple category selection. This is used in multiple instances, of which during searches and in combination with characteristics.


Characteristics are additional information that can be set about a listing. For a house to rent this can for example be “Wheel chair accessible: yes/no”. Characteristics provide enriched and comparable information on each listing. Characteristics can also vary depending on the selected category (each category provides different characteristics).

Geolocation precision settings

Each listing shows a map with the location showing where the listing is situated. Depending on your platform’s policies, this location can be set to “precise”, whereby users can see exactly where the listing is, or “approximate”, where an offset area is shown instead of a precise location.



Pre-moderation is the act of validating a listing before it is posted on your platform. This strategy is particularly suited to platforms that keep a tight grip on the quality of listings that are added.


Post-moderation is the act of validating a listing after it is posted on your platform. This strategy is particularly suited to platforms that want to immediately reward offerors by allowing them to be instantly visible.

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