Second offers powerful user management features that are perfectly tailored to marketplaces and to selling services online.


Askers are the users that book a service on your platform. You can open up your platform so that everyone can make bookings or close it so that only your company can.


Administrators are, well, you! They have the power moderate listings, users and bookings and can follow all transactions and messages on the platform.


Offerors are the users offering their services on your platform. Offerors can be yourself, your employees or third parties that use your platform as a marketplace.

Public Profiles

Public profiles enable users to share information about themselves, such as their previously obtained ratings, their verification level (verified phone, mail, certification…) and the services they offer or have consumed. This enables users to know more about each other and their platform reputation.

User Type Switching

Second offers user type switching. This means that users can be askers, offerors, or both. Second automatically detects the user profile based on previous activity and shows the most appropriate interfaces according to each person’s usage.

Juridical and Natural Persons

Second can be setup to allow Juridical persons (companies & non-profit) or Natural persons (individuals). As such your platform can be C-to-C (sharing economy), B-to-B, C-to-B (recruitment platforms) or B-to-C (your bog-standard marketplace).

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