Why should you build a service marketplace in IT?

The tech industry is one of the most service-based sectors. Even the IT hardware-based business models have dependencies on services, whether it is installation, maintenance, repair or anything in between. As a large player in the field, you aim to expand your territory and expertises building partner networks and enabling service delivery without increasing your payroll costs. Even Software companies are relying on SIs and consulting partners to deliver their customers’ projects. You are acting as a marketplace already. Just not as a digital platform yet. Leveraging this channel is a healthy growth opportunity considered by more and more BtoB players.

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    Expand your footprint

    Address a broader range of business needs and new territories without increasing your payroll weight or acquiring businesses. Instead, onboard and federate your partner network on your own digital platform.

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    Provide a frictionless experience

    Simplify the access of services enabling your customers to browse a service or post a project as an RFP. Match the most relevant providers with customers requests leveraging the 3 key search levers: service location, expertise and availability.

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    Increase Brand Awareness

    Operate your platform to capture new customers. Leverage third-party provider services as an acquisition channel while promoting complementary expertise.

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    Scale as you grow

    Build your platform on a scalable technology to avoid large initial costs and a multi-year deployment timeline. Adapt to market feedback without significant additional development investments.


How a Service Marketplace Works in IT?

A service marketplace operates as a digital platform that connects your customers with service providers (your own partner network). Whether you provide onsite or remote services, offer frictionless services access to customers leveraging the digital.

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Operator experience

A successful platform doesn’t only help you get more revenues by monetizing the model but it also helps grow your network and expand your footprint as a brand with a scalable platform business model.

Buyer experience

As buyers, your customers need to access your vetted partner network to get a frictionless service ordering experience. Such digital hubs owned by IT and software businesses are a true lever to capture new market shares providing a frictionless customer experience. People like what is easy and efficient. Businesses even more!

Provider experience

As offerers, your partners want mainly one thing : get more business in. Being able to self-onboard, promote standardized services and receive relevant RFPs is just gold to them.

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  • Qianying Liu

    scnd has been an indefectible partner in showing us the way to commercial and operational success through each stage of the development of our Engineering Services Marketplace.

    Qianying Liu

    Team Leader at Siemens Energy

  • Lionel Cardoza

    I rate scnd 10/10. I appreciate that they recommend native solutions to limit the developments

    Lionel Cardoza

    Senior Product Manager at Tide


Are you ready to create your service marketplace with us and save time and resources.



Are you ready to create your service marketplace with us and save time and resources.