Why should you build a service marketplace in the public sector?

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, public sector organizations are recognizing the growing need to modernize access to services as well as the way they interact with clients and the private sector. One innovative solution gaining traction is the establishment of a Service Marketplace—a dynamic platform that connects operators, clients, and service providers in a seamless inclusive ecosystem. This transformative approach not only streamlines processes but also enhances efficiency, transparency, and collaboration.

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    Ease service access

    Provide a digital platform where local service providers and clients, institutions or private entities can connect and find solutions that fit their needs. By offering an actionable online process, you accelerate and unleash opportunities for your territory stakeholders, whilst boosting the local economy.

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    Provide a frictionless experience

    Simplify the discovery of services enabling your customers to browse a service catalog or post a project as an RFP. Match the most relevant providers with the client’s request leveraging the 3 key search levers: service location, expertise and availability.

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    Drive and measure public initiatives engagement

    Operate your platform to enhance connections and capture results and feedback from both service asker and provider. By owning the experience you get valuable insights that help you achieve your goals.

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    Engaging Service Providers

    Service platforms open new avenues for third-party providers to connect with public sector organizations, fostering collaboration and expanding the pool of available expertise and know-how. Create a level playing field for service providers, promoting fair competition and ensuring that the best-suited providers are chosen for each task.


How a Service Marketplace Works in the Public Sector?

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For the Operator

Operators can centrally manage service providers, requests, monitor progress, ensure timely delivery and collect feedback through a user-friendly interface.
Real-time analytics provide insights into service performance, allowing operators to identify areas for improvement and implement strategic changes.

For the Client

Clients can easily submit service requests, track progress, and provide feedback through an intuitive,accessible and engaging interface.
Direct communication channels with service providers promote celerity and transparency, ensuring customers are well-informed throughout the service delivery process in a timely fashion

For the Service Provider

As offerers, local providers want mainly one thing: generate more business opportunities. Being able to self-onboard, promote standardized services and receive relevant service requests is just gold to them.
Without being operationally intrusive and by focusing on generating revenue opportunities, your platform will augment the value for your vendors, and foster your business relationships.

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  • Qianying Liu

    scnd has been an indefectible partner in showing us the way to commercial and operational success through each stage of the development of our Engineering Services Marketplace.

    Qianying Liu

    Team Leader at Siemens Energy

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    I rate scnd 10/10. I appreciate that they recommend native solutions to limit the developments

    Lionel Cardoza

    Senior Product Manager at Tide


Are you ready to create your service marketplace with us and save time and resources.



Are you ready to create your service marketplace with us and save time and resources.