Allianz Assistance

Connects insurance policy holders with personal services providers

A complete suite of services accessible both on demand or through your insurance policy

Allianz Assistance, member of the Allianz Group, is dedicated to delivering assistance, international health & life, automotive and travel insurance services to individuals in over 200 countries. In a nutshell, the business of Allianz Partners is to take care of people in times of need. These services are traditionally available as a result of your insurance policy, but are now being made to available to anyone on demand.


  • Make the Allianz Assistance services available and bookable online
  • Extend service availability to everyone, and not just policy holders
  • Complete the delivery of services from call centers to booking and managing them online through a service platform
  • Onboard new customers who are not policy holders
Allianz Assistance Marketplace

Second’s benefits

When seen from the perspective of selling products, services are inherently complex to manage because they are always unique to each customer. They present challenges regarding how to build a service catalogue, vendor management, and the fact that service transactions are tightly coupled with their execution (you can’t sell if you don’t understand when and how the service is rendered). Allianz Partners, as most companies, therefore had to rely on human operations to handle service requests and their associated service executions.

Second natively offers all the features necessary to launch a digital channel through which to discover and book services online. This offers a modern way of making your services available, in line with the expectations of customers of the 21st century. The activation of this digital channel inherently also creates a new opportunities: to make these services available to all and not just to policy holders…