Discover the advanced features offered by Second

Launch a car rental marketplace

Our experience has shown that launching and growing a marketplace successfully takes a powerful marketplace software combined with strategic support and guidance. We have therefore developed Second, a SaaS marketplace solution that addresses these fronts to ensure you receive the best marketplace software in the industry with a full service experience. If you want to launch your car rental marketplace, contact us to build your personalized marketplace. Together with a dedicated Second strategist, you will master our +1700 features to design and scale your marketplace business model. Our Second marketplace solution will go beyond its technical capabilities to help you achieve even your most ambitious business goals.

The features for your success

Search engine

Wether your clients need to rent a car for some days or rent a car for a road trip, your client will need a powerfull search engine on your car rental marketplace to find the car that will fit their need.
As such, you can define addtional information that providers will need to fill and define them as filters on the search. Therefore, Second will allow your clients to refine the different cars by models, price, location or any other addtional filter you deemed.



User reviews and chat

Foster trust and transparency in your car rental marketplace so users keep coming back. Allow clients and car owners to discuss booking details through your integrated marketplace chat, which you can monitor from your back office. Make it easy for them to compare the different cars and providers based on the reviews left by other clients.

Advanced calendar management

Together with a marketplace powerful search engine, updated (un)availabilities can also maximize completed bookings. With Second marketplace software, car owners can improve their ranking in the search results by setting recurring availabilities that repeat over some months, weekdays or hours’ or if they prefer, they can also synchronize their marketplace calendar with their personal one to avoid double-bookings.

Secure marketplace payments and transactions

Escrow payments

Decide your marketplace business model and the commissions you will apply, and your car rental marketplace will automatically create invoices for the collected fees. Your marketplace will use escrow payments to ensure that all wire transfers, payments, commissions and refunds are managed securely and in a timely manner.

KYC integration

In addition to operating with secure escrow payments, your car rental marketplace will be fully compliant with Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements, which are tailored to the user type and country so you can onboard local or international users without complex processes that affect user experience.


Decide which users and listings can be public in your car rental marketplace. Verify and validate them through your marketplace admin back office in just a few clicks.