Discover the advanced features offered by Second

Launch a home services marketplace

Whether you are looking to digitalize an existing business, create a new marketplace business, or upgrade from your current marketplace software, Second marketplace solution can help. Profit from over 1000 features specifically tailored to service marketplaces that will perfectly adapt to your home services marketplace business model. Second understands that renting a house, booking an online class or hiring home services professionals can all be done through a marketplace, but each one has very specific needs that have to be met to be successful.

Powerful marketplace search engine and user interface

Search engine

Make it easy for your marketplace users to find and book home service professionals through categories and subcategories, your own custom filters, keywords search, price, location, peer-to-peer reviews and many more features. Whether your marketplace users need cleaning a residence, fixing a plumbing issue or any other home services, they will be able to select the best fit in your home services marketplace.

Advanced calendar management

Keeping their marketplace calendars updated will allow home service professionals to increase their chances of receiving and completing booking requests. Second marketplace software makes this process easy with its multiple advanced calendar management features with which they can set individual availabilities, recurring ones that repeat over time or directly synchronize their marketplace calendar with their personal one for automatic updates.


Global reach

Whether you are launching a local or international home services marketplace, Second marketplace solution will allow you to go as far as you dare. Automatic content translations, multiple languages to choose from, multicurrency capabilities, integrated timezone management, geolocation and geofencing to decide in which geographical areas services can be provided, are just some of the features you will be able to access when you launch your home services marketplace with Second.


Your marketplace’s own look and feel… and more

White label design

Launch your home services marketplace with Second marketplace software and customize its design to make it your own. Easily integrate your logo, content, colors, images and more to fit your brand. Use your own custom domain name and personalize all your marketplace’s notifications to decide how you interact with your users.



Analytics and visibility

Increase the exposure of your home services marketplace and boost its growth thanks to the SEO optimization features of Second marketplace solution. Set your own meta titles, meta descriptions, tags and slugs to improve your rankings. Additionally, connect your marketplace to all your social media profiles and start tracking your marketplace’s traffic by integrating Google Analytics.


Feature-rich admin back office

Access your own admin back office to monitor and manage the activity of your home services marketplace. Pre-moderate users and listings before they are live, personify them to provide all-round support and manage bookings, payments, messages, disputes and more in one single portal. When you need it, export all your marketplace data in CSV format or track your main KPIs in your admin dashboard. With Second, your marketplace’s management is straightforward and if you need anything else, we are here to help.