Discover the advanced features offered by Second

Launch a marketplace to find a tutor

Second marketplace solution delivers the powerful marketplace software and strategic support you need to successfully launch your marketplace to find a tutor. Share your vision with us and you will get a personalized marketplace.

Work closely with a Second strategist to take your marketplace to the next level and master the +1700 features offered by our marketplace software. Onboard users, identify best practices and optimize the performance of your marketplace to increase your revenue and grow without limitations.

If you are ready, Second marketplace solution will go as far as you ambition. We will work together to launch your marketplace to find a tutor without unnecessary delays, complicated processes or complex developments.

Scalable marketplace

Global reach

Whether you aim to launch a marketplace to find a tutor that is local or international, Second marketplace solution will scale with your marketplace business to never hold you back. Include the languages and currencies you need, define the locations in which your services will be provided and your Second marketplace will manage time zones, international payments, KYC per country and even the translation of user content.



Search engine

Location, price, category, subcategory, keywords, client reviews or even your own custom filters are just some of the elements that will allow your clients to refine search results to easily find a tutor they need. Launch your marketplace to find a tutor with a powerful search engine that will help you maximize the bookings completed in your marketplace and therefore your revenue.



Admin portal

We have designed your marketplace admin back office to be powerful but also easy to use. In one single portal you can manage all the activity of your marketplace to find a tutor, including content, design, listings, users, bookings and payments.

Your marketplace design… and more

White label design

Launch your marketplace to find a tutor and customize its look and feel integrating your colors, logo, slogan, images and domain name. Go further and define all your content, personalized email address and email notifications sent by your marketplace.




Messaging and review system

Allow clients to chat with tutors to book in your marketplace with full awareness and transparency. Additionally, the integrated review system will make it easy for clients to compare all the tutors offered in your marketplace based on the reviews which they have received.





Social networks and analytics

Capture new users optimizing the SEO of your marketplace to find a tutor, deciding your tags, slugs, meta titles and descriptions. Track the traffic of your marketplace with Google Analytics and link it to your social network profiles to increase visibility and exposure.