Marketplace transactions security

Escrow payments

Wire transfers, refunds and all monetary transactions of your architect marketplace will be handled by escrow payments, which will ensure that they are completed securely and without issues, even across borders.


Control the users and listings that are public in your architect marketplace, thanks to the pre-moderation feature of our Second marketplace solution. Verify clients and surveyors before they are live to make sure only the highest quality architects can provide their services through your marketplace.

Integrated invoicing

Once you have defined your marketplace business model, monetization strategy and commissions, your marketplace will automatically generate invoices for all the commissions it has collected. Both clients and architects will be able to download them through their users’ accounts in your marketplace.

Frictionless marketplace management and UX

White label design

Launch your marketplace to find an architect and customize it to adapt it to your image. Personalized domain name; integrated logos, colors, content and images; and modify your contact email and notifications to achieve your own marketplace look and feel.

Admin portal

Your admin back office is designed to be powerful but also easy to use. Monitor and manage your marketplace activity to find an architect on all fronts: bookings, listings, users, payments, messages, KPIs, SEO, etc.

User dashboard

Clients and architects need to manage seamlessly their transactions within your marketplace. With Second marketplace software, they will be able to manage their listings, bookings, payments, messages, reviews, profile and bank account details in one single portal.



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