Transform your business networks into a marketplace

Launch a marketplace network

Marketplace networks enable companies to deepen ties with their partners by sending new business their way.

Gains for companies launching a marketplace network are counted in multiples, as they generate new revenues, strengthen the network, and even expand it by the additional power of attraction it offers to newcomers.

Marketplace networks are also straightforward to launch, as most established companies already have deep-seated and mature partnership networks in place. Onboarding these partners therefore comes naturally and effortlessly.

Once in place, marketplace networks also help complete the value proposition to customers, both by broadening your offering and by facilitating the discovery of new services.

A marketplace solution covering the entire feature-scope

marketplace revenue model

Build a business community

  • Deliver a new sales channel to your business partners

  • Onboard your partners directly on your marketplace network

  • Vet partners through automated verification processes

  • Grow your partner network through a strengthened value proposition

  • Facilitate the discovery of new services by your customers online

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Connect the companies of your marketplace network

  • Enable company discovery through an online directory of partner companies

  • Offer on-platform communications through instant messaging

  • Help the companies of your marketplace network build partnerships together

  • Enable partner-to-partner subcontracting

  • Centralize communications to your partners on your marketplace network

international marketplace solution

Help companies build an online reputation

  • Help companies develop their online reputation through your marketplace network

  • Act as the trusted third party of reviews and customer comments

  • Let companies share and display customer reviews directly on their profiles and offerings

  • Show each partner’s track record, including number of successful transactions

supply on a service marketplace

A one-stop-shop to access additional services surrounding your offer

  • Let customers discover and order all of the partner services linked to your offer

  • Streamline the delivery of your “whole product” by centralizing everything on a marketplace

  • Perfectly cater to customers that seek to complete your specific offering by additional services

  • Don’t lose customers because they’re missing an additional product or service – offer it all on your marketplace network

  • Improve customer satisfaction by optimizing discovery and ordering of surrounding services

marketplace take rate

Generate new revenue streams

  • Capture commissions on partner sales

  • Activate a lead generation revenue channel

  • Kickstart recurring revenues through membership fees

  • Mix and match the most appropriate business model: lead gen, commissions, memberships…

revenue streams on a marketplace

Drive new business to your partners

  • Drive new business directly to your partners through your marketplace network

  • Push traffic directly to partner profiles on your marketplace

  • Enable partners to sell new services online

  • Activate recurring revenues for your partners

  • Involve your partners in RFPs that they can respond to