The services-for-hospitality community of the energy industry

Connecting youth with senior citizens through a hospitality for services marketplace

Encouraging youth and senior citizens to build a bond through a services for hospitality marketplace

The Caisse centrale d’activités sociales (CCAS) is the organization that manages social activities, including holiday stays, insurance and company catering for employees of the electricity and gas industries in France, mainly for EDF, Engie and their subsidiaries (Enedis, GRDF…)

The service-for-hospitality platform builds bonds between youth that seek accommodation during their studies, and senior citizens seeking companionship and help in their daily chores. This multigenerational platform effectively connects the children of energy industry workers with those that have already retired.


To enable senior citizens to offer lodging in return for services and to connect them with youngsters seeking such accommodations.

Core features

  • Property listing creation and management tools
  • Platform messaging features
  • Two-sided platform
  • Calendar and geolocation management
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Second’s benefits

Businesses are building sharing economy platforms as part of their CSR policies but also to strengthen ties with employees and customers alike. These platforms often offer innovative transactional models, where money is not at the center of exchanges. The EDF “CCAS” platform is one of those cases: the exchange enables elderly people to offer housing to students, who in return provide services such as shopping and housekeeping. These innovative models seldom exist in the exchange of goods, but are commonplace in the world of services. It is in this context that EDF selected Second as their technology partner.