Understanding marketplaces

Marketplaces connect sellers and buyers, whether it’s to fulfill a need for goods or services. Defining a service can be challenging, but our whitepaper delves into various definitions and the differences between marketplaces selling goods versus those offering services.

You may wonder why service marketplaces are often created from scratch. The reason is that traditional e-commerce solutions do not meet their unique needs. Service marketplaces require different considerations such as quantity, time, geography, and other factors. Additionally, selling a good only requires it to be shipped, whereas selling a service involves human interaction and availability constraints.

With digitalization affecting all industries, companies and brands must provide the best possible customer experience. Services are now more important than ever and seen as a way to sell goods, rather than just an additional revenue stream.

To learn more about service marketplaces and how they differ from traditional e-commerce solutions, check out our whitepaper.

What you will find in this whitepaper:


  • Main definitions about marketplaces
  • Specificities of selling goods vs selling services
  • A guiding book to classify marketplaces
  • An analysis of the a16z Marketplace 100 index