Valoservices, a Suez marketplace

Connecting businesses and individuals with waste management service providers

Waste management services can now be booked directly online

Suez is the world’s third largest waste management company with revenues of 7.5b€ per year. One of their principal lines of revenues is waste management services at constructions sites, both for professionals and for individuals. This line of services comprises of dropping off dumpsters at the constructions sites, picking them up when full, and treating the waste contained within. The last step of the process, waste treatment, is highly regulated and in very high demand.

Traditionally, this ensemble of services was available through phone calls and email, with confirmation loops sometimes requiring more than a business day. Naturally and as a result, Suez decided to start offering their services online by way of a service marketplace that enables consumers to book dumpsters at a chosen date and location, and which are then picked up for waste treatment and recycling.

To achieve this ambitious objective, Suez chose Second as their technology partner.


  • To onboard the entire ecosystem of waste treatment companies in  a single marketplace, both regarding Suez business units and third party partners
  • Enable customers to book waste treatment and recycling services directly online
  • Ensure that services are indeed bookable with no cancellation nor requirement for secondary confirmations
  • Manage the flow of funds both for services offered directly by Suez and by third party partners
  • Encourage a competitive environment on the marketplace to offer the best services at the best prices all year long

Core features

  • Blind-side services marketplace (matching with vendors is automatic)
  • Payment escrowing, per-vendor take rate management, and automated payment flows
  •  Calendar synchronization with individual vendor availabilities
  • Geofencing of vendor intervention areas
Valoservices screenshot

Second’s benefits

Suez had made an initial attempt to launch their service marketplace by employing a popular product ecommerce solution and adapting it to the requirements of services. The result was a highly customized and unmaintainable platform that was ill adapted to the native requirements of booking services online, and managing service providers. Within 6 months of signing with Second, the new Valoservices marketplace was online, including full migration of existing data. The impact was immediate with a strong increase in revenues and customer retention.