Why you should build a B2C Service Marketplace

Marketplaces have proven to be a dominant force in the e-commerce world, representing two-thirds of traffic. And because the sale of services already outperforms the sale of goods, there’s vast potential for B2C companies to build their own service marketplace. Fast market entries, a unique experience and enhanced trust as a brand are only a few pros. We can help you build a future-proof business by creating your own service marketplace. Start selling service online through an enterprise-grade B2C marketplace and make every scnd count.

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    Generate customer trust

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    Encourage positive competition

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    Build new revenue streams

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    Drive more traffic to your page


The Key Features for your B2C marketplace

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User Profiles & Registration

Service Provider Profiles: detailed profiles for:

  • service providers, including qualifications
  • experience
  • services offered
  • pricing
  • customer reviews
Service Listings and Categorization

  • Clear, detailed descriptions of the services offered, including scope, limitations, and any prerequisites.
  • Categorization: Organizing services into categories and subcategories for easier navigation.
Search and Filter functionality

  • Advanced Search Options: Allowing customers to search for services using keywords, categories, location, availability, and other filters
  • Location-Based Services: Geo-tagging and location filters to find local service providers
Booking and Scheduling system

  • Real-Time Availability and Booking: Calendar integration for service providers to display availability and for customers to book services directly
  • Notifications for upcoming appointments to both providers and customers
Pricing and Payment Processing

  • Transparent Pricing
  • Secure Payment Gateway
Ratings and Reviews

  • Customer Reviews
Communication Tools

  • In-Platform Messaging
Administrative Dashboard for Service Providers

  • Service management
  • Track bookings
  • View earnings
  • respond to customer reviews

Want to see a Demo for Your B2C Service Marketplace?

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  • Qianying Liu

    scnd has been an indefectible partner in showing us the way to commercial and operational success through each stage of the development of our Engineering Services Marketplace.

    Qianying Liu

    Team Leader at Siemens Energy

  • Lionel Cardoza

    I rate scnd 10/10. I appreciate that they recommend native solutions to limit the developments

    Lionel Cardoza

    Senior Product Manager at Tide


Are you ready to create your service marketplace with us and save time and resources.



Are you ready to create your service marketplace with us and save time and resources.