Tide Member Connect by Tide

Connecting 350,000 professionals in a peer-to-peer marketplace

The Tide-curated directory of businesses in the UK

Tide is a B2B UK based financial technology company providing mobile-first banking services for over 350 000 small and medium-sized enterprises. As one of the first digital-only finance platforms in the UK, Tide revolutionized the “traditional” banking approach.

By leveraging its impressive network of members and providing them a peer-to-peer marketplace through which they can both search and be searched for additional business opportunities, Tide intends on evolving from the standard banking model and growing its service offering to match with the digital service era.


  • Leverage the untapped potential of its peer-to-peer network of 350 000 businesses
  • Provide additional services to its members

Core features

  • Extensive and optimized user search engine
  • Secure internal messaging system
  • Tide specific SSO and curated member management
  • User profile management
Peer to peer marketplace

Second’s benefits

Tide needed to build a non-transactional member directory to expand the service offerings already provided by the platform. While traditional banking services focus on a Bank to Customer relationship, this directory brings all members together on a curated platform and allows them to browse, connect and interact with one another, giving life to new business opportunities, all the while staying connected to their Tide Member account.

Tide chose Second’s solution since it natively offered all the required features for enabling such connections