Pagine Gialle by the Yellow Pages of Italy

Connects companies listed in the Italian Yellow Pages marketplace with customers booking services

The largest service marketplace in Italy by number of providers

ItaliaOnline is one of Italy’s largest media & IT services companies, encompassing several leading brands such as Libero, Virgilio and Pagine Gialle (the national yellow pages directory). The IOL group of companies boasts the largest number of internet users in Italy, before any other brand.

Pagine Gialle, who now offers a service marketplace powered by Second, gathers 27.000 vendors, 85% of which are service providers. Naturally IOL turned to Second to start transforming the Italian Yellow Pages from a directory business model to a service marketplace.


  • Rethink the customer experience by enabling the purchase of services directly online
  • Modernize its business model by becoming a marketplace

Core features

  • Vendor KYB & payments management
  • Service catalogue creation & management
  • Booking engine implementation
Pagine Gialle Marketplace

Second’s benefits

IOL chose Second to introduce a marketplace business model to the Italian Yellow Pages, which were traditionally following a directory (listing fees) model. This also meant a new user experience that shifted from only being able to discover providers to being able to book and pay for services directly online.