The marketplace solution to sell services online

Build a service marketplace and connect your vendors and customers to scale infinitely.

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Built from the ground up to enable the sale of services

Second is a complete marketplace solution to sell services online

For Operators
For Vendors
For Customers
Second for marketplace operators

Managing and supervising a marketplace has never been easier

The Second marketplace solution empowers operators to supervise, animate and encourage positive interactions between providers and customers.
Operations are streamlined in an environment where automation is king; invoicing, payment settlements, customer satisfaction reviews, vendor identity verifications and much more are all orchestrated seamlessly in the unified dashboard of our marketplace solution.

Team Management

Create teams on the fly and give them access only to the tools they actually need.

Inbuilt communications

Supervise customer-to-vendor communications
and participate whenever necessary.

KPIs & alerting

Gain insights specific to services and receive alerts at each milestone you cross.

Total configuration

Customize your marketplace on the fly as opportunities and new needs arise.

Transactions supervision

Manage inflows and outflows of funds securely and easily worldwide.

Second for service providers

Help service providers build awesome relations with customers

Service providers are clamoring for new channels through which to sell their services, yet service e-commerce is neither easily accessible nor do providers know how to market themselves appropriately.

Ranking & matching

Rank the best vendors when displaying search results or when suggesting vendors in RFPs.


Get customers talking to vendors through a complete messaging suite.

Vendor shop

Your marketplace becomes the place to shine for vendors that don’t have their own websites.

Vendor teams

Companies can manage teams and dispatch responsibilities accordingly.

SME friendly

Adapt to all vendor profiles, including SMEs less familiar with selling their services online.

Second for customers

Delight your customers with the ease at which they can book services online

Who hasn’t growled because they couldn’t reach, or find, service provider for a job at home or in the office? Sifting through directories or asking friends and colleagues for recommendations isn’t always the most efficient way to find and book a service provider. Help companies and individuals find and book the right service, in the right place, and at the right time online, with the Second marketplace solution.

Booking engine

Increase conversions and customer satisfaction
with an intuitive booking engine.

Up to date availabilities

Ensure that services booked by customers are indeed available at the time they selected.

Quote requests

Enable quote request to get personalized services on demand.

Safe & easy payments

Payments are swift and funds are escrowed until
successful service completion.


No time to find the perfect provider? Just publish a RFP and watch the offers stream in!

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5 star rating

Team Second has been very flexible and unbelievably reactive to our changing needs and strict requirements. They are also a pleasure to work with. From the first days of the project, they became team members more than just an external service provider.

Andrew, New Model Design & Innovation Manager
PagineGialle Casa Marketplace
5 star rating

We appreciate the work done together: good results, good application of agile methodology, good prioritization from both sides.

Laura Scalvi, Product Owner at Italiaonline
5 star rating

I rate Second 10/10. I appreciate that they recommend native solutions to limit the developments.

Lionel Cardoza, Senior Product Manager at Tide
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5 star rating

It’s been a pleasure working with Second. It’s a wonderful team! Everybody’s delightful, it’s just fantastic!
People are clear and honest. It’s like we’re working in the same company.
We are very grateful for being your customer, I want to see a long term collaboration.

Qianying Liu, Siemens Energy

Time has come for selling your services through an online marketplace


service e-commerce revenues globally in 2021


of B2B service buyers prefer digital self-service


growth in the sale of services online

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Car Rentals
Software Engineering
Renovation services
Facility management
Launch your marketplace

Second helps organizations aiming to sell services online with proven technology

Benefit from the entire feature scope required to successfully launch and operate a marketplace internationally. Capable of deep customization and easily integrated with third party systems, Second is the gateway to selling services online.

Business & strategy guides

commoditized categorization

Commoditized marketplaces: which category do your services fit into?

Classifying a service into commoditised or non-commoditised can be a tricky. While there is no absolute definition that helps you place your offerings into the first bucket or the latter, we believe the answer to one key question can give you a fair idea: “Is the service defined enough to be purchased online without prior discussion?”

Deciding between an Open-Side or a Blind-Side Marketplace

Open-Side and Blind-Side are both concepts related to the booking flow of on a Marketplace. Booking flow essentially consists of all the steps your customers goes through between deciding they need the service to purchasing the service. Determining who decides which vendor a customer would purchase their requested service from influences how your booking flow will be implemented on the marketplace.