The B2B Marketplace solution

The advent of B2B e-commerce is here, and it’s not looking anything like retail.

Retail B2B e-commerce is a real thing. It enables companies to buy (and sell) consumables and other smaller value items online. However the true potential of B2B e-commerce exists in larger value purchases, that aren’t your typical “add to cart” goods & services.

B2B marketplaces that aim to capture sizeable chunks of B2B e-commerce must be able to organize transactions as they are in the business world: through RFPs (Requests for Proposals / Quotation) and through quote requests, on top of the convenience of being able to sell small value items.

Second encompasses the key requirements to organize B2B marketplace transactions’ successfully, and helps drive new business to third party vendors while maintaining the purchasing flows that buyers are familiar with.

B2B marketplace

Launch a B2B marketplace for multi-party transactions

marketplace supervision

Improve customer purchasing processes with a B2B markeptlace

  • Offer a competitive B2B marketplace from which buyers can select vendors

  • Help companies find the right vendors through RFPs/RFQs and a vendor directory

  • Streamline communications with on platform messaging

  • Help customers anticipate quality on your B2B marketplace through vendor reviews

Care for your vendors

  • Drive traffic to vendors through deep SEO optimization

  • World class Vendor Management System (VMS) integrated in your B2B marketplace

  • Encourage (and reward) vendors to continuously improve their performance

  • Seamless integration into vendor sales flows

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Empower sales teams

  • Proactive lead search & generation

  • Sales team management from within the B2B marketplace

  • Full-suite CPQ features

  • RFPs and off the shelf offerings

marketplace commissions

Fit snuggly into purchasing department workflows

  • Full API for modern purchasing departments

  • Easy export of purchasing activities

  • Complete purchasing KPIs

  • Purchasing teams permissions management

business community

Help customers discover new vendors

  • Incredibly powerful search tools

  • Offer an online vendor directory

  • Vendor profile enrichment

  • Easy Q&A with vendor messaging

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Secure transactions that are integrated in your B2B marketplace

  • World-class payment gateways

  • Payment safety through escrows

  • KYB & identity verification on the fly

  • Easy supervision of transactions directly from your B2B marketplace

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Launch your marketplace

Second helps organizations aiming to sell services online with proven technology

Benefit from the entire feature scope required to successfully launch and operate a marketplace internationally. Capable of deep customization and easily integrated with third party systems, Second is the gateway to selling services online.