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Searching for services is very different than searching for goods. Second doesn't just transform the e-commerce search engine, it reinvents it.

Cocosearch® is about people

This was our Eureka moment. Searching for services simply has very little in common with searching for products. Obviously the notions of geolocation and date availability distinguish product and service search, but most importantly, in one case we look for an object, while in the other we are looking for an individual.

When selling products you have multiple tools such as stock keeping software which enable you to know if you can make a sale. With humans this is a tad different. You can’t be sure that a service provider will be available at a given date and time; their participation is required to confirm a sale. Additionally, some service providers will be more reliable than others, for example because they update their calendar more often or because they rarely decline booking requests.

Cocosearch was built to take into account the human factor in selling services and returns search results in respect to the likelihood that if an offeror receives a booking request, he will accept it.

Keyword Search

Keywords search is classic, except it uses ElasticSearch and a synonym dictionary so that you can, for example, say that “bike” and “bicycle” should return the same results.

Category & Attribute Search

Categories and attributes are set by you and populated by offerors. These search terms permit a finer granularity in searches so that askers find exactly the service they require among the huge choice marketplaces usually offer.


Auto-geolocation is the capacity to detect and suggest a default location to users in the search engine. Multiple tools are called upon, from browser location and IP geolocation to user account settings. A detail maybe, but in most cases users search in the immediate proximity of their current location, and this strategy makes for one field less to enter.

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