Connecting Thales customers with Thales curated digital solutions

The Thales curated open ecosystem of digital solutions and services

Thales is a global organisation operating worldwide and serving five major markets: aerospace, space, ground transportation, defence and security, and digital security.

Thales’s customers are large organisations such as government agencies, administrations, institutions, cities and businesses, all providing or operating systems, services and infrastructure vital to society throughout.

While serving these customers have always been at the forefront of the Group’s activities, modern day considerations have led Thales Group and most of its 80 000 employees to materialize their way forward through one overarching purpose: “Building a future we can all trust”.

To achieve this mission, Thales Group combines a unique blend of expertise, talents and cultures, and delivers extraordinary high end technology solutions to help customers focus on taking on our future’s major challenges without hesitations.


To exert the full potential of each industry, and with digital transformation at the heart of today’s society, Thales decided to share its extensive catalogue of curated digital solutions and service providers to all.

True to their motto, Thales TrustNet Marketplace aims to be the state-of-the-art catalog allowing customers to fully develop their activity and successfully achieve their digital transformation.

Destined to allow customers to both promote and discover game changing solutions in a seamless fashion, the marketplace approach seemed the most relevant.

Core features

  • Ergonomic and seamless search engine
  • Lead generation provider KPIs
  • In-built demo request
  • Embedded curated provider registration
thales trustnest marketplace screenshot

Second’s benefits

The one-stop-shop approach envisioned by Thales was best embodied in the form of a digital marketplace. Connecting Thales customers with its unique and curated network and empowering users to lead the future required a proven and extensive technology to not waste any time and efforts and to be able to focus on the core mission.

Through Second’s native solution, Thales found the speed, reliability, and extensiveness to bring this ambitious marketplace to life.