Bidbrella, a Siemens Energy engineering services marketplace

Connects engineering firms with power plants

Helping power plants find the right professionals for their engineering and maintenance needs

Siemens Energy’s business is principally focused on the supply of equipment for power plants (turbines, motors, transmissions…). Noting that their customers regularly solicited them for the maintenance and control of power plants, Siemens Energy decided to launch a BtoB engineering services marketplace.


Help power stations find the right providers through competitive tendering processes.

Core features

  • RFP, CPQ & bidding workflows
  • Messaging platform
  • Document exchange
  • Vendor directory
  • Team and permissions management
  • Vendor-with-customer matching
Siemens Energy Marketplace

Second’s benefits

Power plants are submitted to incredibly tough regulations and requirements. This entails the need for unique providers to carry out critical maintenance tasks on each station. To make matters even more challenging, power stations only have a small window of opportunity to carry out maintenance tasks as downtimes during the peak season (winter) are not possible.

The Bidbrella marketplace tackles these issues and more. By offering a curated community of highly qualified professionals, and connecting them with power stations by way of Requests For Proposals (RFPs), bot the plants and the professionals interact in the most efficient manner possible to ensure that both parties reap the greatest benefits from their respective collaborations.