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The UK’s largest curated financial services marketplace in the UK

Tide helps SMBs find the right providers through a financial services marketplace

Tide is a B2B UK based financial technology company providing mobile-first banking services for over 350 000 small and medium-sized enterprises. As one of the first digital-only finance platforms in the UK, Tide revolutionized the “traditional” banking approach.

Having a sole focus on businesses as customers, Tide aims to go above and beyond standard banking services by providing Tide Members with a financial services marketplace through which they can purchase professional services from a curated network to help them grow their business.


Wishing to provide additional financial and accounting services to its customers, Tide tasked Cocolabs with launching a brand-new offering by way of a service marketplace. This marketplace enables accounting firms and other financial services professionals to offer their services directly to the more than 350 000 businesses that use Tide.

Core features

  • Service catalogue creation & management
  • Commoditized inter-user subscription services
  • Commoditized one-time services
  • Tide specific SSO and curated member management
Financial Services Marketplace

Second’s benefits

Tide chose Second to build the base for their new service offering expressed in the form of a financial services marketplace. Focusing on commoditized services, the platform’s goal is to connect Tide Members with a trusted network of professionals and enable the former to browse, filter, and purchase either one-time services or recurrent services directly online.

Second natively offered all required features to help stakeholders stay focused on what is essential: the new user experience which would guide Tide Members access these network-specific services within the Tide ecosystem.