Discover the advanced features offered by Second

Build a marketplace to find a babysitter

Our Second experts understand all service marketplaces have different process and we have created a service-oriented SaaS marketplace solution that can fit the particular requirements of your marketplace to find a babysitter. Book per day, night or hours; fixed, variable or both commissions per transaction; different cancellation policies; multiple languages; geofencing and currencies… you define your marketplace business model to achieve your objectives.

Powerful admin portal to manage your marketplace

Your admin portal

Manage all aspects of your marketplace to find a babysitter in one single portal: content, design, listings, users, bookings, payments, KPI tracking, SEO management, data export, etc. The technical capabilities of our Second marketplace solution will allow you to tackle all pillars that will make your multi vendor marketplace succeed.





Social networks and analytics

Capture and onboard new users for your marketplace to find a babysitter thanks to an optimized SEO strategy, as you will be able to decide your tags, slugs, meta titles and descriptions. Furthermore, track and understand traffic with Google Analytics and increase visibility linking your marketplace to social media.


Decide which listings and/or users can be published online on your marketplace to find a babysitter. Validate them before they are public to ensure the highest level of service for your marketplace business.

Top marketplace user experience

Search engine

Build your marketplace to find a babysitter with a powerful search algorithm and engine designed to maximize transactions and therefore your revenue. Your clients will be able to find babysitters refining by numerous parameters such as location, (sub)category, your own custom filters, price, client reviews and keywords.



Account dashboard

Clients and babysitters will be able to  manage through their dashboard their activity in your multi vendor marketplace in one single portal. Their user-friendly account interface covers all aspects, such as bookings, listings, messages, payments, invoices, reviews and their profile details.




Messaging and review system

With our Second marketplace solution, clients can message babysitters through your marketplace and book with full knowledge and transparency. Your integrated review system will also make it easy for them to compare the babysitters based on the reviews left by other clients.