Discover the advanced features offered by Second

Create a marketplace like Treatwell

At Second we are reinventing SaaS solutions by making the level of marketplace software and professional support which is usually limited to highly bespoke marketplaces, available to launch MVPs or new marketplace businesses like your own. Its features have been tailored to launch service marketplaces and it will deliver you with not only the essential features to create a marketplace like Treatwell, but also advanced features that will bring high added value to both you and yours users to take your project to the next level, without any coding or developments.


Advanced features for your service marketplace

Service-based model

Treatwell, Upwork and Airbnb are all successful service marketplaces but their business models are not the same. Booking wellness and beauty services online has its own needs which your marketplace solution needs to cover. With Second, your sellers can create listings with multiple services within them, and each one of these services will have its own category, description, duration and price. This means that a makeup artist can offer multiple types of services which can be booked together in one single booking, and as marketplace owner you can take any commission on each completed transaction.

Disputes and cancellations

As a new online business, it is crucial for you to handle all transactions properly, and that includes potential cancellations or claims raised by users. Thanks to escrow payments, you can decide when payments will be released to sellers. With our integrated dispute management tool, you can also receive claims and handle these smoothly by simply setting the refund amounts through your admin back office. For cancellations, you can configure your own cancellation policies with their own days notice and refund percentages which will be automatically triggered by your marketplace.



Keep a tight grip on the quality of the wellness and beauty services offered in your marketplace with our pre-moderation feature. Enable it for listings or also users to be able to validate them before they are live in your marketplace. Manage their status from your back office and decide if they will be live, in review, hidden or invalidated in just a few clicks.

Personalized marketplace

User-specific fees

As marketplace owner you will establish the fees per transaction which you will collect as part of your revenue strategy. These fees can be a percentage or a fixed amount, and they can be applied on the buyer, the seller or both. In addition to the standard fees, you can also set user-specific fees, therefore deciding if you want certain users to have higher or lower commissions, or no commissions at all. This can be a great tool to define special deals for your first sellers and encourage them to sign up with reduced fees!


100% responsive

Our webbased software is entirely responsive. We have carefully designed both desktop and mobile UI and UX to achieve a highly user-friendly booking flow, user registration process and listing publish flow; to allow your users to access your wellness and beauty marketplace from all devices.

Personalized notifications

Our Second marketplace solution already includes email notifications which will be automatically triggered in different situations, such as when a new user registers in your marketplace or when a new booking request is placed. These notifications are entirely customizable by you both in terms of content and the email address used, so you can manage and brand all your communication with your users.