Discover the advanced features offered by Second

Create a marketplace to find remodeling contractors

If you are ready to work together, Second will deliver the full service marketplace solution you need to create your marketplace to find remodeling contractors. Reach out to us to discuss your marketplace business and we will provide you with your own personalized marketplace in 48 hrs. No complex developments or unnecessary delays.

Secure marketplace payments and transactions

Escrow payments

Define the commissions you will apply per transaction and your marketplace to find remodeling contractors will automate and streamline all monetary transactions. Using escrow payments, it will manage payments, wire transfers and refunds securely and in a timely manner.


Automated invoicing

Your marketplace to find remodeling contractors will automatically create invoices for the collected fees, which users will be able to easily access and download through their accounts’ dashboard within your marketplace.


Decide which listings, clients and/or remodeling contractors can be public in your marketplace. Ensure the highest level of service by verifying and validating them through your marketplace admin back office before they are live.

Powerful marketplace user and admin portal

Account dashboard

Once your clients and remodeling contractors sign up, they will be able to manage all their activity in your marketplace in one single portal, including bookings, listings, payments, invoices, messages, reviews, profile and bank account details.

Messaging and review system

Allow clients to message remodeling contractors through your marketplace before and after booking to foster transparency. Furthermore, benefit from an integrated review system to help clients compare remodeling contractors and services based on the reviews left by other clients.


Your admin portal

Manage the content, design, listings, users, bookings, payments, etc. of your marketplace in one single portal. The powerful capabilities of Second marketplace software will allow you to tackle all aspects of the activity of your multi vendor marketplace, even KPI tracking, SEO management and data export.