Discover the advanced features offered by Second

Launch a marketplace to learn crafts

Each service marketplace has its own specificities that make it different from product marketplaces and even other service marketplaces. Second understands this and has created a marketplace solution which has the technical power to meet each particular requirement and successfully launch your marketplace to learn crafts. Define your marketplace business model, commissions, cancellation policies, languages, currencies and more to achieve your vision and goals.


Your marketplace’s own look and feel… and more

White label design

Launch your marketplace to learn crafts with Second marketplace software and fully personalize it to reflect your brand. Integrate design elements such as your logo, colors and images, and go further to use your own domain name, decide your entire content and fully personalize all notifications sent by your multi vendor marketplace.


Increase the visibility of your marketplace to learn crafts with an optimized SEO and marketing strategy. Define your own meta titles, meta descriptions, tags and slugs; connect your marketplace to social networks and track its traffic integrating Google Analytics.

Advanced calendar management

With Second marketplace software, users can easily keep their calendars up-to-date. Whether they want to set specific availabilities, recurring ones that repeat over months, days or hours, or even synchronize their personal calendar, Second marketplace solution has it all.

Top marketplace user experience

Search engine

With our powerful search engine and algorithm, you can launch a marketplace to learn crafts which is optimized to drive bookings. Ensure a smooth UX allowing users to refine their search by location, (sub)category, price, custom filters, client reviews, keywords and more.


Chat and review systems

With our Second marketplace solution, users can browse and compare the services offered in your marketplace to learn crafts based on the reviews of other users. They can also use the messaging system to chat and confirm service details before and after booking.





Global reach

Whether you want to launch a marketplace to learn crafts that is local or international, Second marketplace solution will never hold you back. Choose the languages and currencies available in your marketplace, set your geofencing configurations and our marketplace software will do the rest: automatic content translation, timezone management, international payments, KYC per country, etc.